World Cup Challenge! 

Predict right, win prizes and support our spain trip! Enroll by 10pm November 19th. 

$25 per bracket 

$10 to player 

$10 to winners - bracket participants

$5 for towards Spain uniform packages

- You will get an email to a link that will help you enter the challenge once you book, each correct prediction of qualifying teams gets you points, the top three with the most points win! Wix is a service-based site in order to participate you will need to book a calendar appointment to pay for your world cup bracket fee. Follow the steps below, book now, pick any date and time and pay for your appointment. 

Two ways to participate. 

1. Preferred Method - Enroll Electronically


Bracket Name: DD8 World Cup challenge    (Copy Exactly) 

Password: AZDD8

Create your own account- and submit a bracket

2. Submit a Paper Copy via email- Print, scan and follow the instructions on the PDF below 

Download a Paper Copy to Submit via email 

3. View an instructional video on how to fill out the bracket. 

Instructional Video Here