SPAIN 2021

      Giving our players the opportunity to realize that the whole world speaks one common language is always something we strive to achieve. Our trip included ten U12 boys who got the opportunity to visit Spain for a trip of a lifetime. Learning about the culture, the food, the language, the history and especially the football culture and heritage. Since Spain is one of the elite footballing nations on the planet, the boys got to realize immediately as we arrived at the Valencia airport. With every TV showing football, people walking around with football shirts and kids playing in the streets was incredible to live through for 10 and 11 year olds. During the trip, the boys got to train in some of the best facilities, played 5 matches, trained on the beach, played street football with local kids and toured around the stadiums of Villarreal, Valencia and Barcelona.



“ My experience with DD8 to Spain was amazing. I loved playing in all the stadiums and getting to tour professional stadiums. It was great getting to meet and play the local boys in Spain. I will always remember this trip to Valencia Spain. Thank you David. 


“Once in a lifetime experience and definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had” 


“My experience in Spain, was amazing. It has always been a big dream for me to go to Spain. I loved it because we got challenged to play against new people and how they play. I got to play a different style of fútbol and I want to keep on playing that way.