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Our story revolves around the beautiful game being that one common language for everyone. Creating a pathway for success within the realms of playing the beautiful game is our main objective. Knowing that success can differ based on one’s definition of it, here at DD8 Academy creating a positive life experience from playing the beautiful game is the mission. Our tough background taught us that culture is essential in life, our culture comes from a background which taught us that one’s attitude towards their actions during hard times can determine whether their experience can be good one. Elite mentality and a positive mindset are essential. Our story began from having the experience of playing barefoot in the streets from a very young age which was quite special. We realized that the smallest things in life can mean so much. From those moments grew the ambition and desire to continue towards reaching a potential which led to one day signing a professional contract and playing on some well known stadiums, lived in four different continents while playing. That definitely created a life experience which cannot ever be taken for granted. At DD8, we strive to help you reach your potential on and off the pitch and help give you a similar life experience if not better. Have a forward thinking mindset that focuses on what happens next is the only thing that is in your control. The soccer IQ which will help you become a problem solver, recognizing that creating space and time is what the beautiful game is based upon. 

Every training session at DD8 Academy will be based on our principles being that space is our compass and the ball is our oxygen.


The soccer academy and consultancy is here to provide with the opportunity to develop and grow within the game that also teach life fundamental skills for our athletes. For us, it is more than just a game, it’s a lifestyle. 


The academy development training focuses on the technical aspects of the game and improving the players’ overall soccer ability and knowledge of the game. 1on1 sessions, small group sessions, camps in local US cities and worldwide. Proud to have Valencia, Spain as one of our host cities for our annual summer camps. 


The consultancy is here to help you find your next career move in the game. Player profiles are for the exposure of our athletes especially for the older age groups. DD8 Academy opens a pathway for players to get into colleges and clubs worldwide. Help you create a positive experience by continuing playing the game at a level where your potential takes you to help you enjoy playing the game in college and beyond. 

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