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In London it is all about football, so naturally I grew up loving and playing the game from a very early age. Up to the age of about 19 I played semi-professional football in England in the Essex senior league before heading over to the states where I had the opportunity to study and play here in Arizona for four years while also playing semi-professional in USL league two with the St louis Lions.  After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Exercise science and knowing my playing career was over, I still wanted to be involved in the sport. I have always loved the gym and the reason I started was to improve my physical condition for ball, so I put my two passions together and went and got my NSCA qualification which allowed me to start coaching athletes, turning my hobby into a career. Speed and strength is so important in the modern game of football, in a game players only touch the ball 90-140 times demonstrating how important it is to be effective without the ball. Strength and conditioning allows players to prevent injuries as well as improving jumping, sprinting and change of direction skills. Allowing players to be more effective without the ball, impacting the game on and off the ball.

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